Who Are You in the Dark?

One thing often overlooked when couples are choosing a photographer....
the photographer's low-light and night-time abilities

I have spoken to many photographers that say they don't use any type of flash... they're "natural light only". I can agree shooting with the sun is incredible... and you can't beat it! It's kind of my thing, actually! ;)

 The problem with 'natural light only' wedding photographers...  receptions.

Half of the wedding day fun is almost always at night. Dim mood-lighting, lots of different small lights, colorful DJ strobes, candles, cell phone flashes, sparklers, etc and you are expected to manage amidst all this.

Actually- as a wedding photographer you are required to manage. That's what wedding photography is! It is difficult, exhausting, incredibly rewarding, and FUN because you have to be on your toes at all times, and because you are always pushing yourself to get the best shots amidst tricky situations.

That's why I love specializing specifically in wedding photography.

If you highly value your wedding photos, then be sure to learn about your photographer's different skills. Tell them about your venue, the time of day, the lighting that will be available... If they are not comfortable or experienced with your lighting situation- find someone who is.

Your wedding photos are too important not to.