Boss Mode

One time during a wedding I was posing the bridal party telling everyone exactly how I wanted them to stand from how to tilt their heads, down to how to hold their feet, and the Father of the Groom yelled in front of everyone that I was bossy...

At first, the thought going through my head was "Oh no, I need to stress how essential everything I'm doing is.. this photo is important.. it's such a momentous occasion... it'll last'll hang on your walls... I want you to look perfect..." but before I had a chance to utter anything I was abruptly thanked by the same person that called me bossy. He said he appreciated the amount of consideration that was going into this photo. He had recognized that I cared about the outcome of this photo probably just as much as he did.

I believe when you are picking someone to capture such an important life-changing day, it should be required that you choose someone who genuinely cares about how these photos turn out... someone that will make sure your Mother who so thoughtfully picked out what necklace to wear and ruminated over her outfit for months has the necklace perfectly centered and the clasp isn't showing... someone who will ensure your little brother is standing up tall and broad-shouldered... someone who will tell your nieces that they all look like princesses making sure they give their true smiles, and someone who will do her best to place your flyaway hairs.

I'm not saying I am perfect and even catch every. single. flyaway. I'm not saying I have the ability of mind control. ( Though that would make my job a lot easier...! ) In fact, a lot of the time I find it really beautiful to embrace imperfections, and I also really focus on moving quickly and efficiently during large group poses.

What I am saying is that I care, and I want you to have the photos that you and your family deserve.

That is why they call me "bossy". You'll either thank me now, or you'll thank me later. ;)