The Saltwater Room


Emily and Terral had one of the dreamiest bridal sessions I have been a part of. I LOVE having brides that really go out of their way to make photos important. She prepared so well! They brought this super cool vintage door, stools, huge bouquet, Emily also had her hair and make up professionally done for the portraits! When people prepare, the photos turn out so much better. We had perfect weather, and perfect lighting... one thing we didn't expect was the spring rainwater was still sitting on the majority of the Salt Flats... so we ended up exploring for a bit to find a dry spot. At the end of the photo shoot Emily said she didn't mind getting her dress wet... I wanted to hug her. That is so rare- it's like finding a unicorn in the bridal world. I joked that she should lay in the water then she said she would really do it. I. Was. In. Photographer. Heaven. So of course, I had her do it, and the shots turned out amazing! One of my favorite sessions by far, I'm looking forward to The Tyler's wedding- if she puts anywhere near the amount of thought into that day as she did to this day- I'm sure it will be one of my favorite weddings as well.

See you soon, lovebirds! 

With love,

Danielle Joy